Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hi from Alaska

Wow, I can't believe that I'm in Alaska. We are really enjoying our time here. Our plans had changed from the original but God is so Good. Rodney had a stent put in his heart on Friday August 21st after having a heart attack. He is doing great, and we still left for Alaska on the 25th as planned. We have had a great time with Stevo and Heidi. They have taken us so many places and we have had a great time. Rodney even preached one Sunday while we were here at Bible Baptist of Fairbanks. He has gotten to sing every Church service with Heidi. Today Alicia Ramirez joined them with her violin. I will load up some picture after we return. We head to Anchorage on Wed. Then on Thursday Rodney will take a mission trip. And we fly home on the 12th. On this Tuesday (8th)we are having folks over for a big meal for my birthday. This has been a really exciting trip. I will say more about everything when I post pictures.

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